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Let’s start with straight-up facts- Carousels on Instagram have an average engagement rate of 1.92% per post, compared to 1.74% for images and 1.45% for videos. This number goes up to 2% when all 10 slides of the carousel are used.

So, if you own a professional page, it’s time you start making use of carousel posts! How to do a carousel post on Instagram? We’ll tell you that!

Making a carousel post on Instagram might sound like a lot of work. But it’s easy-peasy with LightX App’s editable Instagram templates. You don’t have to make all the 10 slides one by one- that would take a lotttt of time! We have a secret, but first, let’s get clarity on Instagram carousel posts.

What is a carousel post on Instagram?

A carousel post on Instagram is one that has more than one picture/ video in a single post. It can have a maximum of 10 slides and the user can view them all by sliding left! It can be a mix of pictures and video or just either of them.

Why are carousel posts so engaging?

Carousel posts on Instagram, as we mentioned earlier, do a lot better than a single picture or video. And the engagement is even higher when all 10 slides are utilized.

A carousel post on Instagram helps in creative storytelling. It can be used by both small and big brands to tell a story about their product, their journey, etc.
You can flexible with the type of content you are posting on Instagram. Not sure whether to use pictures or videos? Use both! With carousel posts, you can easily make a mix and match, but make sure they are engaging to keep the users sliding through them.
Carousel posts on Instagram can be used to conduct polls and know the viewpoint of the users. This interactivity excites the users and urges them to communicate with the brand.
Communicators have the creative freedom to say what they want in their posts. They are not limited to put all the content in one picture or video. They can display their thoughts and messages through the carousel.

Although carousel posts perform better on Instagram, you still have to take care that the post is engaging and worth swiping!

How to do a carousel post on Instagram- free templates!

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With LightX App’s free editable Instagram templates, making carousel posts is just a matter of minutes. Let’s see how to do a carousel post on Instagram easily:

  1. Open LightX App on your iOS device
  2. Click on Templates at the bottom
  3. Select any template from the given categories. You can choose from the ‘Basic’ category if you want to start building your post from scratch
  4. Next, start customizing your template to suit your brand voice and the requirements.
  5. Change the colors according to your brand, add different text styles and colors, add graphics of your choice.
  6. Save the post
  7. Keep making changes in the same template and keep saving them on your iOS device

This is how you can make a carousel for Instagram in a matter of minutes! Save the photos in the gallery and upload them all in a single post on Instagram!

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