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It’s most obvious that your brand has a social presence. That is vital for every brand. But maintaining the social media presence is a task in itself. How you present your products and services, and most importantly the emotions associated with it, plays a big role. Hence images, images, and more images! And what better than a collage to present your brand’s vision through images? Read on to find out how to make product collage that matches your brand’s aesthetic.

How to make a product collage?

A collage is the best way to communicate and neatly put together the images. It gives an orderly look with clear instructions. With LightX mobile photo editing app, it is a matter of minutes that you can put together a neat collage for your brand.

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Keep the colors of your brand in mind and set a vibe!

Select the pictures which suit the best

Selecting the right photos is important when you want to know how to make a product collage. Keep in mind the color scheme of your brand and then choose pictures accordingly. Take 4-5 at a time so as to avoid clutter in your collage. When you have selected the pictures, head on LightX mobile photo editing app, and get started!

Head to the collage category

Open LightX mobile photo editor and select the ‘Grid’ option under the ‘Collage’ category. There you will numerous options to customize your collage. You can change the Layout, change the grid size, color, and border shape and size.

Add the pictures

Select the type of Layout you want to use and start adding your photos one by one. Keep in mind that the quality of pictures matters more than the quantity. So whatever number of images you use, they should be of high quality and match the brand’s color scheme.

Customize your product collage

In the next steps, make precise changes to your collage. LightX mobile photo editor has options to tweak your collage easily. Change the color of the grid to match your brand. With borders, you can increase or decrease them or change how rounded they are.  Additionally, you can change the orientation of the collage if you want.

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Make a product collage or a mood board

Add text and graphics

Now that you know how to make a product collage for your brand, you can make it fancier by adding extra elements. LightX mobile photo editor has stickers, text, frames, and backdrops that you can add to your collage. Add your brand’s tagline in the collage or small stickers that match the theme.

The last step is to save the collage in the required format and dimensions and voila! You are ready to rock the social media!

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